We believe there is no better way to be faithful to ourselves than to express our authenticity with style. We found in fashion the perfect way to show our art and our vision of the world.

We aim to leave a legacy through the creation of vanguard and timeless fashion pieces that reflect concepts and identities. Our clothing is made with the highest quality material and with the best graphic design techniques.

Express yourself with our T-shirts, hoodies, pullovers, joggers, and shorts. It is not just clothing, is clothing that tells a story.

We are street. We are culture. We are style. We are Pure

I believe that the street is where life is and that there is nothing more valuable than the here and now. Anything moves me artistic representation such as music, dance, fashion and the art.

I connect with my essence through outdoor sports and contact with the nature. I am the type of person who usually dares to give the first step, I work on overcoming my own limits and I think that the Dreams are built by working hard and being constant.

I like challenges and extreme sports, I enjoy explore and travel, although he prefers to walk the streets of my city to identify what I like, before going out to look for it.

I am authentic, I recognize myself and that is why I do not expect to add to everybody. I do not believe in stereotypes and I respect diversity. I moves the positive, love, color, representations artistic and freestyle.

I AM PURE, welcome to my world.